Weekly Activity: Stasis and Toulmin

Weekly Activity: Stasis and Toulmin


This week’s activity asks you to engage one argument via different models. The second part of the activity comes from the Crowley and Hawhee chapter, so refer to that for more information.
1) First, find an article advocating a policy, a letter to the editor, or an editorial. Diagram one of its arguments, identifying as many of the components of the Toulmin model as you can. 
2) Then, frame the theoretical and practical questions it raises.
To determine the theoretical questions, ask yourself, “What is the nature or origin of this issue?”
To determine the practical questions, ask yourself what effects the issue has on people, what is expected of people, what people should do.

3) Now try to frame the issue in general, specific, and very specific terms.
4) Then, examine the argument using the questions suggested by stasis theory.
CONJECTURE (stasis stochasmos)—”Is there an act to be considered?”
DEFINITION (stasis horos)—”How can the act be defined?”
QUALITY (stasis poiotes)—”How serious is the act?”
POLICY (stasis metalepsis)—”Should this act be submitted to some formal procedure?”

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