Description for documents in literary studies

Description for documents in literary studies drop down box

I. Introduction

A description of the quality and quantity of research assignments that I’ve placed within the drop-down box that is labeled literary studies, will bring forth a form of writing that synthesizes information from either primary text information or secondary text. I chose to include my work from this course, because I think represents my best abilities to synthesizing information, but it also an illustration of my writing abilities to extract important information and to draw accurate and precise pedagogical conclusions. The central objectives important to this course centered around  how the concept of literacy has evolved throughout American history. In order to emphasize this point the instructor’s syllabus included the writings of key authors on this topic. This included an analysis of Deborah Brandt’s ” Literacy In American Lives.” the research documents that are in this drop-down box concern two distinct of writing styles .

Writing and research assignments that required students to synthesize key concepts from chapters of course text and outside sources. A student was required to demonstrate their proficiency in comprehending key concepts in that the students of the course and required to write a short synthesis of a supplementary reading. In order to receive full credit on this assignment a student would have to demonstrate key researching and writing abilities in terms of locating and writing about key concepts within the assigned text.
A final research project that tasked a student with writing and researching a long-term problem or issue which is currently being debated in the scholarship of literary studies. The topic that I chose for this final project is a discussion of the conflict that is ongoing between University writing centers in the library sciences. The central issue that is dividing these two groups is the different way that University writing centers and the library sciences are defining the concept “Informational Literacy”
The primary and secondary sources that are mixed in with the writing assignments are scholarly articles which were uncovered in the process of doing extensive online research that involved navigating various Internet-based search engines. These articles include James Elmborg article “Critical Informational Literacy: And The Implications for Instruction. The titles of primary source material that are included in this section of the portfolio are “Literacy, Economy, And Power: Research and Writing After Literacy In American Lives. The purpose of this text is to elucidate to students of literacy studies, how other scholars have expanded on or criticized Deborah Brandt’s thesis in the importance of rhetorical sponsorship.

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