Description Of Assignments That Are In Gendered Rhetoric

Description Of Assignments That Are In The Gendered Rhetoric Drop-Down Box.

I. Introduction

The nature of the documents that I have included within the drop-down box for the subject of gender rhetoric. In this drop-down box is a mixture of research methodologies that are attempting to examine how the concept of gender identity is constructed within a specific rhetorical situation. This includes mediums such as cinematic film, prisons, and digital media. This is important because examining how gender identification is portrayed through multiple mediums provides insight into how concepts from rhetorical pedagogy are connected to the formation of individuals’ gendered consciousness.
An analysis of this kind and scope will also mention how conversations that within a specific context or space influence the rhetorical perception of subjects relating to gender identity. The specific type of research projects that you will find in this drop-down box is the following:

A literature review that research and document how the scholarly community within the subject area of rhetoric traced and contextualized specific scholarly arguments, that tried to place gender identity and the prison experience into context. Scholars such as Angela Davis and her article, “Are Prisons Obsolete?” Where used in the literature review.
A rhetorical analysis of how the visual medium of cinematic film and the conceptual concept of the rhetorical situation came together in a critique of how transgender identity was portrayed in the film “Transamerica”
A 38-minute YouTube video that analyzes the dimensions of causality that is between Disability, Gender, and Domestic Relationships. In this video, I present a literature review, conducted an interview, and participate in a demonstration of how my disability affects my self-perception of my gender. All projects involved extensive research and analysis of either primary, secondary, or academic sources which were integrated into an opening statement in the YouTube video that traces the history of disability and gender.
The primary and secondary sources that were integrated within the many research projects for the gender rhetoric’s drop-down box, range from the works of Angela B. Davis and her article “Are Prisons Obsolete?” to Roxanne Mumford’s ” Rhetorical Space”

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