Description Of Assignments For Graduate Thesis

Description Of AssignmentsFor GraduateThesis Drop Down Box

I. Introduction

The department of Writing And Rhetoric at the University of Central Florida, (UCF).In conjunction with the College Of The Arts And Humanities stipulates that a graduate student must complete writing a graduate thesis or submit a scholarly article for review. The writing of a thesis or scholarly article is a prerequisite to graduate with a MA degree in English from the University of Central Florida. The department of rhetoric’s intent in designing the pedagogical instruction for this course is to expose all graduate students to the necessity of researching and writing about key pedagogical themes and principles to the practice of rhetoric.
Throughout this process, students are guided by the chairperson of their thesis committee. A student’s thesis committee usually comprises three faculty members that are part of the department of writing and rhetoric. A student’s thesis committee has an assigned function to perform. However, it is always the case that The chairperson is always there to offer advice on how to go researching an issue or write about an important theme that is essential to improving a student’s thesis.
Graduate students are required to complete both the research and the writing of a thesis within a one-year timeframe. The artifacts that define the content of my final drop-down box are the written documents that correspond to each step in the department of Writing And Rhetoric’s thesis process. Each of the documents that are selected for inclusion, is a result of extensive research and writing, that took place throughout the summer of 2020 and into the fall of that year.

A 19-Page thesis proposal that articulates the research methodology and theoretical framework which will serve as the foundation for evaluating and analyzing a student’s thesis. Moreover, the proposal also incorporated a lengthy literature review that analyzed each secondary source or supporting document that designed an argument around the topic that I was researching.
A 21- slides PowerPoint presentation was used in the defense of my proposal. The intent behind the proposal defense is for students to defend the topic of their thesis in demonstrating the point that the topic that is been chosen, is connected to the study of rhetoric, how the student will search for primary and secondary sources. And a student will be able to complete writing releases within the one-year timeframe.
A 117-Page Thesis titled“The Intersection Between First-Person Narratives And Multi-Voice Narratives Of War Fiction: Epistemology And The MeaningOf War“. the main topicof this thesis is how critical rhetorical analysis of the text in both first-person narratives and multi-voice narratives of fictional novels of war integrate concepts of the rhetorical theory which are members of the Western canon rhetoric.

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