Description Of Assignments For Teaching Writing

Description Of Assignments For Teaching Writing Drop-Down Box

I. Introduction

In this first drop- down box visitors to my portfolio website will be able to access writing that I have created in response to particular writing assignments, that were required for a student to pass E. N. C. 5705. This course involved instructing students on how to develop appropriate methodologies in order to teach the skill of writing. For example, in this drop-down box there will be a tab that will direct goers to the first writing assignment in this course. The writing assignment directed a student to write a research based analytical paper, which discussed how they saw themselves as a writer. In essence the professor sought a student to draw a portrait of how a student perceive themselves as a writer.

To continue the second assignment that is included in this drop-down box is the final writing assignment that was a part of the course curriculum. This assignment required students to articulate what values that they hold dear and how those values inform their writing philosophy. Moreover, a student was required to write about how their values would translate into their own overall stance to writing pedagogy.

My Skills

I believe in the fact that learning never stops and I am interested in learning new technologies and programming languages that will help me design and develop a better output in less time.



City of Deltona, Division of Planning & Development Services, Deltona FL

Administrative Assistant & Intern

I have responsibly led a team of 12 designers to help, supervise and approve their designs to make sure it matches client expectations and latest design standards.


Volusia County Managers Office, Deland FL

Administrative Intern

I was responsible for all the in-house and client-based web development assignments. I take pride in having helped the best of clients and getting maximum ratings for the company.

Jan-May 2003

Volusia County Public Transit, Daytona Beach, FL

Government Internship

I was a part of an amazing design team and worked together with them to help design and develop apps and websites for different clients of the company.