The story of my life has many intricate details that both identify the complexity and joy that have helped me become the person that I am today. I am the son of parents who immigrated from the Indian subcontinent to America. Throughout my upbringing, both of my parents have been extraordinary examples in terms of courage and resilience. My father has demonstrated attributes of courage simply by immigrating to America without any family or any friends to support him when he arrived in the United States. My father also was an example, in demonstrating the importance of persistence. For example, all his life my father desired to become a medical professional. Specifically, he selected the profession of dentistry. When he first arrived in the United States, graduate institutions were not inclined to recognize individuals who already graduated from foreign dental schools. Therefore, had to begin again by going to school at night, while during the day he worked as a clerk in a department store. The significance of my father's example and presence in my life is that his story underscores the values of determination, dedication, and persistence. These qualities encourage me to go forward in my studies, and to find new avenues where I can serve others in improving their lives.

Words cannot explain the impact that my mother has had on the course of my life. My mother has served both as an emotional source of strength and a physical caregiver. I was born with cerebral palsy. Meaning I cannot walk, and I have limited use of both of my hands. Notwithstanding this fact, my mother has always sought to encourage me to engage in endeavors that are challenging. It was my mother who encouraged me to pursue a career in writing and rhetoric, this is because she always had ambitions for me to become a writer and a teacher of language.

My mother propelled my interest in language the effect that she had in creating a bilingual household. My siblings and I lived in a rhetorical environment that included dialects from both India and different regions of the United States. My mother always believed that growing up in a domestic environment that appreciated the complexity of language, that her children would be able to navigate the complexity of a growing multicultural world.

A byproduct of being raised in this environment is that I cultivated an interest in reading and writing. It was always the case that, the complexities of writing always seemed to bring forth my talents in terms of being able to design a narrative and integrate a message. However, as my educational career progressed, I came to appreciate the importance of the triumvirate actions of research, reading, and writing. For instance, the experiences and skills that are required during my undergraduate years, in conjunction with my study of writing and rhetoric at UCF gave me the necessary knowledge, skills, and abilities to engage and conduct large-scale research projects. I know the skills that I have acquired will help me be a productive and efficient student at Clemson University.

However, to appreciate how my time at UCF has contributed to my knowledge and skills within the specific scope of research and writing, it would be a dereliction of duty if I did not mention what forces in my life caused me and wanting to study the field of rhetoric. I've always had a lifelong ambition to become an attorney. I perceived a career in law as being the most effective way I could apply my talents to contribute to society. However, soon after a short career in law school, I found a legal career wouldn't truly help being applied my talents towards the goal that I had in wanting to become an effective member and active person in my community and society at large.

So, therefore, I ended up searching for a career in which I would be able to write and research topics and issues that related to how human beings engaged with one another and informed the way a person can form a worldview. In the end, to become a student of language, and writing, because I believe that these two subject areas represent a specific area of analysis, help explain to me how people make sense out of their reality since language is the primary skill that human beings use towards identifying meaning from their environment. As a result of my time at UCF as a graduate student in the Department of writing and rhetoric, I've been able to notice possible convergences and divergences in the way is that both language and writing help construct how human beings perceive issues of identity, technology, and political behavior.

I anticipate that I will be able to apply the many skills that I've learned throughout my rhetorical journey to a new environment such as Clemson University. I anticipate that in this new environment I will be able to engage with faculty and the other members of the Clemson family, who will help me to conceive of new ideas and themes. This will help me do my part in propelling rhetoric further into the 21st century.

Rhetorical Theory & War Fiction: A proposal Prashant Patel

A debate has emerged in rhetorical circles over how to best interpret fictional narratives of war, and its relationship to notions of epistemological truth. Contributing to this debate is a parallel discussion over how fictional narratives of war can be analyzed through the predominant school of Post Modernism theory. Post Modernism theory is defined as a paradigm in which individuals or persons within institutions are viewed as "agents of change" (Hendrickson and McKelvey 7289).

Major Assignment#3 Gendered Rhetoric literature Review Dr. Sonia Arellano PhD November 20, 2019

The scope and breadth of literary studies have facilitated the expansion of the application of gendered rhetoric to many different platforms and areas. One such area that has been given extensive attention within previous decades is the prison experience and its connection to rhetoric. Students of gendered rhetoric get a glimpse of this connection in the reading arePrisons Obsolete by Angela Davis. In her article, Davis paints a portrait of how prisons serve both as a metaphorical and physical barrier between both the white and black worlds (Davis 2).

Prashant Patel Major Project 2 Gendered Rhetoric Dr. Sonia Arellano PhD

Cinematic iconography has had a significant impact on changing the attitudes and perceptions of citizens. In contemporary times the movie industry has focused on telling stories of marginalized groups, and individuals that are undergoing both physical and psychological transformation. In the last 25 years such films as The crying game and Boys don't cry, have had many characters who define themselves as being transgender. However, in films such as The crying game and Boys don't cry portrayal of transgender characters, are viewed as being a marginalized group in society who are not conforming to traditional conventions

Prashant Patel April 13, 2021 ENC 6712 Final Project

The following literature review will integrate and analyze what different scholars have said about the debate surrounding informational literacy within a framework that examines the relationship between University Writing Centers and their library counterparts. I will argue that following a review of the key pieces of scholarly literature a dominant theme has emerged thatcenters on the fact that there is an absence of uniformity between Writing Centers and their library counterparts. This lack of uniformity resides in the fact that both Writing Centers and libraries in a University setting have different approaches and how to tackle problems relating to Informational Literacy.

Prashant Patel Synthesis- Unit Two ENC 6712 March 4, 2021

throughout the span of unit two of our course, we have learned how the dynamics of literacy, economy, and power help determine a new conceptualization of long-standing principles within the literary analysis. One such principle that has been discussed extensively within the text that has served as a primary source for this unit is Deborah Brandt and her concept of Sponsorship. In her words "sponsors are any agents, local or distant, concrete or abstract who enable, support, teach, model, as well as recruit, regulate, suppress, or withhold literacy-to gain an advantage" (161).

Synopsis and Reflection each Unit 1 ENC 6712 Prashant Patel February 3, 2021

Deborah Brandt writes of significant economic and social change that has caused the notion and dynamics of literacy to change. In her book "literacy in American lives" Deborah Brandt designs and conducts a qualitative analysis that seeks to examine how citizens that live and work in the upper Midwest and the southern parts of the United States contextualized the reflections and memories of learning how to read and write. As a consequence of her focus qualitative analysis, the place of primacy on her ability to interview subjects and extract information.

Prashant Patel July 29, 2018 Unit Exam 2 Scenario three The Development of a Rhetorically-Based Teaching Materials A Lesson plan for St. Victoria College, English department.

The goal of this activity is the creation of a lesson plan. This lesson plan is intended to help professors of the English department at St. Victoria College. More specifically, this lesson plan is intended to help instructors to highlight the factors of rhetorical communication, this lesson plan will facilitate the ability of a professor to instruct college freshman who is English majors and non-English majors, on the significance of a rhetorical situation.

Prashant unit exam 1 revisions June 23, 2018

how does Gorgias' work in the sophistic movement, in general, apply to professional and technical writing? Gorgias was a Greek rhetorical speaker and philosopher of rhetoric who was a member of the sophistic movement. Gorgias believed that provisional knowledge was the only knowledge of human beings were capable of attaining (Bizzell and Herzberg 42.) Provisional knowledge ignores the existence or presence of transcendent factors that guide the progression of society such as justice or religion (Bizzell and Herzberg 42). Gorgias stated that provisional knowledge must be presented to humans with the assistance "of rhetoric that appeals ethically and pathetically as well as logically it must appeal to our whole person" (Bizzell and Herzberg 42, 43).

Prashant Patel July 5, 2018 Weekly activity: Stasis and Toulmin

I. Find an article advocating a policy identify as many of the components of Toulmin model as you can? In this assignment, I will be examining an opinion piece written by David Bossie. He is a contributing editorial writer for The Hill newspaper. In the article which is titled: WhoReally Wants To Abolish Ice; Surely Not The American People. The author advocates a policy for strengthening the department instead of abolishing it. The structure of the article has many of the components of Stephen Toulmin model. The first and most salient component is that the article makes a claim. That is the department of immigration customs and law enforcement or (ICE). David Bossie then provides a warrant for his argument and saying that the American people do not

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